What's in a name?
Well, in my case, Marlaine Elizabeth is in the "ME."

ME Makeup brings together beauty and the drama of theatrics. I apply makeup for special occasions, or mask your image behind a transformation into another character or mimic blood-n-gore-n-more through special makeup effects, including special effects prosthetics. I create and sell custom-made and pre-made special effects prosthetics and hair pieces.

Marlaine Makeup is a Calgary, Alberta based mobile makeup service, in-home or on location. I am able to apply makeup for any occasion you require; from your big wedding day to an elaborate halloween makeup and everything in between.


I graduated with a Makeup Artistry Diploma in 2003 from Blanche MacDonald Centre for Applied Design in Vancouver, British Columbia, and have over eight years experience, as a freelance, professional makeup artist. Along with my experience I have added to my professional skills through special effects makeup workshops in Vancouver on advanced anatomy, life casting, bondo transfers, foam latex and silicone prosthetics. In 2009 I received a Wig and Hair Production certificate from DePaul University in Chicago, IL from Wig Master, Rick Jarvie and program director and stage makeup instructor, Nan Zabriskie.


My experience as a professional makeup artist is varied: working on the Genie nominated film Hank Williams First Nation and then the Hank Williams TV Series, several commercials, dozens of photo shoots including fashion shoots, applied makeup for weddings and graduations, have given makeup lessons to women of all ages, including being featured on the Breakfast Show for a halloween makeup application. For the past five years on sessional basis, I have been makeup department head for military situational field training.